Our Services

Thanks to our stringent accreditation standards, we have confidence in the character, skill and knowledge of all our members. This allows us to let you run your business your way – we don’t impose processes and you can use as many or as few of our support services as you like.


Complete independence

When you become a CFG member you receive the benefits of being part of a larger group, while retaining your independence.

  • keep your direct relationship with lenders,
  • no forced changes to your internal processes, and
  • no visible impact to your clients.

Standardised lender payments

All members qualify for CFG's incentives/tiers with every panel lender, regardless of individual volumes. No more managing volumes between lenders.

Maximise your income

Through CFG's scale, relationships, and the quality of our collective book, be assured that you are receiving prime remuneration from financiers. Plus:

  • no mandatory monthly fees,
  • we don't touch your upfront payments, and
  • no tiers.

Compliance support

Dedicated Risk & Compliance staff to provide you with:

  • advice and support on-demand,
  • training content,
  • legal & regulatory templates,
  • fraud alerts.


Optional access to COG's exclusive AF broking system, BROOS:

  • Cloud-based - access anywhere, from any device.
  • Integrated to financier systems - no double-entry.
  • 200+ users - proven and reliable.
  • 100% group-owned - members drive development.
  • Migrate your existing database.
  • Simple to use!


Use our team of experienced Asset Finance processing staff to:

  • access financiers that you aren't accredited with,
  • refer Consumer loans for processing end-to-end,and
  • fulfil transactions while you are unavailable or on leave

Specialist advice & Support

CFG staff are career professionals in Asset Finance and are available on demand to help with deal placement, structuring, market insights, and navigating financier policies and requirements.

Member intranet

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